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Big Cloud

THE SMITH GROUP is a cloud based web application design & development company. Everyday, we deliver millions of images and data points to the real estate, restaurant, and ecommerce industries - utilizing the most sophisticated & robust cloud services available on the planet.


Rapid Deployment

THE SMITH GROUP has all of the internal and contracted team services to quickly manage your web development in a seamless, stress-free environment. This includes in-house web development, branding & print, social media, email marketing, SEO, and more. All structured for rapid project deployment.




Platforms & Tools

We utilize CSS3 and HTML5. Sites are responsive on PCs and mobile devices. Our platforms run Coldfusion, PHP, .NET, and Ruby [MSSQL & MySQL] - and development can be executed on countless CMS, from Wordpress to Smith SG10 RE tools.


Basic Scope

From hosting existing sites, to Wordpress, to custom SG10 applications, we have you covered. ReSnap™ is available for those RE agents that have a website, but need a better [IDX] engine. LodgeBox™ is a web and coupon application for the F&B industry.


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